Giant mascot goes all-in

Great ambitions for a great mascot

The Casumo mascot is a large one (of a kind)! The giant costume grants great possibilities to catch peoples attention.

The costume proves how big and different a mascot costume can be.

The size of a mascot costume is limited by what the person inside the costume can carry around – and walk around in.

It’s incredible that is possible with the Casumo mascot costume. But it is! The person in the costume can walk around without any problems.


The mascot costume draws attention on a long range. It is simply hard to avoid and hard not to notice.

And if you happen to miss the giant costume, you’ll notice the Casumo car, which the mascot travels around in. The plush car is both funny and different. It gives the mascots universe and storytelling a whole new dimension.

Casumo is a Swedish casino portal. They don’t just use the mascot to draw attention out on the streets. The casino portal also uses the mascot to illustrate the wins on their website.

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