Fish mascot is a catch

A catch for the locals. When the business club Destination Blokhus were looking for a new take on their marketing, this idea came up.

While mascots often represent huge brands or sports teams, this mascot, named Spætte, has the job of representing and drawing attention to the qualities in Blokhus, which is in the northern part of Denmarks westcoast.

As a newly known face for the locals and column writer in the local newspaper, the mascot reaches out to both tourists and the local citizens. It really shows that a mascot can be used for other purposes than branding firms and sportsteams.

As the local producers of eyecatchers here at Ibsens Fabrikker, we’re very happy about the cooperation surrounding Spætte the Mascot, and it’s important for us to brand the local area.

It’s the perfect way to draw attention to the wonderful nature and the fantastic beaches of Blokhus, which we personally value alot.

The idea on paper

"Beyond having a symbolic value for the destination the thinking surrounding Spætte has also been to tell the story about the culture and historie this area has. By giving it a child-friendly look, the story can be told in a more relevant and close way. And it allows the mascot having a bit of crazyness, when looking at the look, which we created in cooperation with Ibsens Fabrikker."

Louise Kande & Lars Bisgaard, Update Blokhus Avis
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