Sporty mascot

Sporty dinosaur from Danonino is the children’s friend

We know the product from the disk in the supermarket and the mascot in the TV commercials. Danonino is one of the worlds most famous advertising figures.

Most children recognize the charismatic, yoghurt-eating Danonino mascot. And their association to the figure is always a good one.

No matter if it’s the figure or the small yoghurts the children relate to, it is a brand, that knows how to appeal to the 3-9 year olds.

That made it a pleasure to contribute to the well-looking and amazing mascot costumes upon Danoinos rebranding, where the dino got a more healthy and sporty look.

3D visualization helped us create the 10 sporty mascots and make them look like the cartoon mascot

It was important for us get the look 100 percent. The world famous Danoino mascot from the TV commercials and the whole Danonino universe is recognizable in the mascot costumes. We succeeded, and we ended up delivering 10 mascot costume, which looks like exactly like the figure.

A large part of the mascot costume is that you can perform in it. Therefore the costumes are ultra light and comfortable, so the person inside can be active, which is an important part of Danones rebranding of the mascot.

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