Mascot used for effective marketing

A mascot became the key to effective marketing for Bilka.

The mascot was produced in collaboration with advertising agency Recommended. Ibsens Fabrikker was responsible for production of the 17 mascot costumes distributed to the grocery stores across the country.

To attract customers to the store is not an easy task today – it is not enough to offer good bargains and distribute a great commercial flyer. You should also offer a special experience, and this experience should be aimed at the children.

Families with children constitute a huge part of the Bilka audience, and you can give the family a good shopping experience by offering free food, goodie bags and entertainment for the kids. A happy family is likely to put more products in their carts.

Moreover, happy customers tend to come back and that is a fact not to be missed.

Producing Billie the Wolf

Therefore 17 Bilka employees each Sunday and on selected occations wear the mascot costume and hand out goodie bags, merchandise and free food to all children. And the result of this marketing exceeds all expectations.

Bamsefabrikken received an initial drawing as depicted to the right of the mascot Billie the Wolf, who is also produced as a small stuffed toy. Based on the sketches, our creative workshop molded a head for Billie, and then costume, clothes, shoes, gloves and a sweatshirt.

Costumes for the mascot Billie in this case were produced in record time – only 22 days elapsed from incoming order to the final mascot costumes were delivered in the department stores.

All Ibsens Fabrikker costumes are equipped with an integrated electronic ventilation system in the mascot head that provides cooling air for the person appearing in the costume.

A feature, on which we receive only positive feedback, particularly since the mascot Billie appears exclusively indoor in the department stores, where the temperature can be high.

"Ibsens Fabrikker helped us revive the grocery store Bilka’s mascot wolf Billie. In record time we had wolf costumes produced and now 17 x Billie hand out wolves bags to all children every Sunday. And have you brought children to the store – well, then you have no doubt that it works!"

Albert Funder, Partner, Recommended
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