Football mascots doing the job

Effective marketing of virtual soccer universe with football mascots.

Bear League is a virtual soccer universe for children who wish or buy their favorite football plush bear in the local department store or the local sports shop and equip it with their favorite football club outfit.

The soccer plush bear comes with a code that unlocks a virtual online universe, where you practise and play soccer with your plush bear, and where you can improve his skills and chat with other players.

Ibsens Fabrikker was contacted by the people behind the Bear League, who needed to make different and spectacular marketing of the Bear League concept. We were therefore asked to provide eight complete mascot costumes corresponding to the original plush football bears – a challenge that we were excited about.

Bear League quickly used the costumes in marketing events and promotions, and they felt that the large mascots call for enthusiasm and not the least attention when they appear.

Since Bear League is a new concept that aims for a top position in customer awareness, we have chosen an active marketing strategy communicating directly with our customers.

Our skilled mascot workshop quickly got started on shaping and molding based on the original plush soccer bears from Bear League. During the proces, Bear League followed the work and approved elements such as form, materials, color, shoes, etc. All to ensure that the final result was exactly as desired and expected.

Bear League were very keen on matching the clothes and the shoes to the original as close as possible. Therefore the mascots have ultimately been dressed in the original club jerseys.

Everything else was produced and provided by Ibsens Fabrikker. And when the eight mascot costumes landed at Bear League offices in the spring, there was great excitement and joy about the project.

"We are very pleased with the outcome, not least the guidance we got through the development process, and will certainly use Ibsens Fabrikker for future tasks of similar kind."

Jakob Ludvigsen, Bear League
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