Amazing and custom-made interior for HOME

Logo, furniture and much more. When HOME and Figurfabrikken started working together on this project, it became a couple of well-done and great pieces of eyecatchers. Multifunctional eyecatchers so to say.

One of the results was the oversized HOME logo, which is perfect to spice up the store facade. The well-known logo with the keyhole is a part of HOME’s brand, and we took advantage of that.

The keyhole also works as a furniture and it’s perfect for the young visitors in the broker store. With no sharp corners it’s perfect for that. And the individual store can decide, what they want to use this eyecatcher for.

HOME nøglehul, Ibsen
HOME stander

Eyecatchers will boost your brand

The HOME ‘stand’ is a piece of interior that is perfect for a brokers office or store. And it works as a brochure box.

The practical stand and the oversized logo are both contributing to the visual identity and brand of HOME. Both large and small eyecatchers will contribute to a great brand. Which this is.

Which crooked ideas and a lot of experience we’ve contributed to a lot of brands, and we love it. But when we make something both practical and good-looking at the same time. That is what this is all about. It’s fantastic. And so are these custom made pieces of interior for HOME.

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